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Alwayz Features

Alwayz offers you a distinct option of remembering your dearest people in life.
This special app is to give you a personalized experience of valuing relationships with loved ones.
Alwayz lets users save messages of love, wishes, and values to pass on to your generation.

  • Schedule Message

    Everyone loves to have a planned life and Alwayz lets you have just that. Take your time and write down yourheartfelt messages for your loved ones ahead of timeSchedule the message for the specific date, time, month, and year. Your message will pop up on their phones at the right time you schedule it. Show More

  • Special Message

    For special events in the future like weddings, graduation, and any kind of accomplishments, Alwayzprovides you options to save messages for these events too. Write notes of love for your sons, daughters, and grandkids, or anyone in your legacy. The messages will open for them when they schedule the date of their big days. Show More

  • Calender

    You can schedule messages for future events from the calendar easing access to dates and monthsAlwayz provides you an option on saving surprise messages for notable dates from the calendar itself. Show More

  • Groups And Family

    Through the thick and thin of life, family knits you to love and care. Create your albums with your groupsof family, friends, and colleagues to share your childhood memories, current joys and plan future events. Multiply your joys by virtual get-togethers, celebrations, and surprises for members of the group. Show More

  • Privacy

    We value your privacy as much as you do. Your messages, both instant and scheduled are encrypted and areinaccessible to anyone or any inaccessible to anyone or any third-party application. Show More

  • Guardian and Angels

    The Guardians and Angels feature make Alwayz distinctive. With a special feature of marking yourconfidants as ‘Guardians’ and people who have departed as ‘Angels’, Alwayz brings heaven close to your hearts. Alwayz will mark the angels with a special icon on your contacts list. Angels are people whom you would always like to remember after their time on earth is over. Guardians are trusted people whom you can choose from your contacts on this app. Guardians confirm the status of users – whether they are active or not.On any kind of unfortunate circumstances, the user’s saved messages will be sent to the recipients only if the Guardian confirms the status of the user. They will approve or disapprove any information passed on this app by any of your contacts. Show More

  • Storage space

    Alwayz provides you a free space of 2GB to store photos, videos, and messages to send and save for thefuture. You can keep track of the storage space on the data management of the app. storage space on the data management of the app. Show More

  • Sequel Video

    Create group events and upload videos on the group. Alwayz put all the videos in a sequel giving you acinematic experience. With innovative features, Alwayz grants you a personalized and tranquilizing experience Show More


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Have you wondered how you can save messages of love for your daughter’s fiftieth birthday?
Do you want to save a surprise message for your son’s future dream car?
Introducing to your digital world, an exclusive e-memoire mobile application – Alwayz.

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Alwayz is a product of Second Chance Holdings Inc. The design and development of this application is the teamwork of engineers, technocrats, and marketing researchers.
The purpose of Alwayz is to gear up family and friends for special days, and events anytime in the present or distant future. With confidentiality as the priority, messages will be delivered to your contacts and groups.
With a unique approach to technology, Alwayz lets users treasure their messages, surprises, or wishes, and schedule them for special days, events, and memorable days. Alwayz gives an exceptional advantage of delivering messages even after the user’s demise.
When an Alwayz user passes away, Alwayz waits for confirmation of the message from the respective ‘Guardian/s’. Upon receipt of this confirmation, Alwayz updates the user’s profile picture with the ‘Angel’ status and triggers the app to release the special messages scheduled by the user.
This app lets you schedule messages, photos, videos, and voice notes to deliver to the person of your choice anytime in the future. Delivery of the scheduled messages will continue even after the user becomes an ‘Angel’ keeping the account and information secure.
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